CALL NOW: 0180-599022Gear measurement is an important part in the manufacturing of gears. After all, accuracy is key when it comes to high-tech and expensive machinery. To help our customers make sure they are working with gears of the right size, we offer our expert services.

In which situations is gear measurement applicable?

We use our gear measurement tool in various situations. One of these, is after the manufacturing of a gear. This ensures that you, as a customer, always receive only the best quality and a gear that fits your requirements. We also apply CNC gear measuring for customers who approach us with gears made by other manufacturers and are unsure whether the gear has the right dimensions. Accurate gear measurement is also needed to determine the exact specifications of gears on which you currently have no data. Additionally, if you fear one of your gears need revision, you may also approach us for gear measurements to determine the appropriate course of action and whether a replacement is needed.

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Machinefabriek Krimpen uses a high-tech machine for measuring gears with:

  • a maximum diameter of 1600mm
  • a maximum tooth height of 1000mm
  • a maximum work piece weight of 3500kg

Please, do not hesitate to enquire after our services regarding gear measurement or any of our other services. Please direct all enquires to +31 180 599022 or to our email. We are happy to provide you with answers and to discuss the possibilities for your applications.

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